Of all the events that I play, weddings are one of the most important because it’s such a special day in one’s life. I take them very seriously. I don’t charge hourly because a wedding lasts the whole day and I’m there for the duration. I arrive three hours ahead of time to anticipate any possible problems and to make sure everything is absolutely perfect.

If I have free time before the ceremony begins, I even help others get prepared; I’ve helped set up chairs, put out food, light candles, sweep up leaves, pin boutonnieres, whatever is needed to help the wedding day go smoothly. Sometimes I may notice something that was overlooked and offer a suggestion. I will work closely with the bride or coordinator to make sure that all the needs are met, but the bride is always the boss. Whatever the bride wants the bride gets!

Also, I’m always prepared for any surprises, a wedding wouldn’t be a wedding without some last-minute changes. Many times at the last minute I’ve been asked to pick a song for the ceremony that the bride could never decide on, or pick introduction songs for the wedding party, or mic the officiator, and sometimes even refuse song requests from particular inebriated guests! I am prepared for whatever on that wonderful and sometimes wild day!



My DJ style can be suited to fit any birthday celebration because they can be very different. Some birthdays are very simple with few guests, like a 98-year-old birthday that I played once. The birthday boy just wanted to hear old country music from the 1930’s, a genre that I did not have much of as you can imagine. But for a week I dug deep into that era and got as much music as I could find. The party was very small and the music ended up being just background music. I knew I wasn’t going to have any dancers, so I just mingled with the guests; especially with the birthday boy, asking him questions about his life experiences. They all enjoyed themselves thoroughly. Sometimes DJs don’t need to fire up the dancefloor, but simply connect with the guests on a personal level.

On the other hand, some birthdays are very intense and require a lot of attention. Kids’ birthdays usually fall into this category. Music usually isn’t enough to please this crowd, you need fun games, fog machines, flashy lights and lasers, and other distractions. If you want to go really big; foam parties, glow paint parties, and blacklight parties are some kid favorites. And If your party needs ever get too large for me to handle alone, I have a large network of party professionals I can call on. I’ll get the party done no matter what.

Corporate Events


Corporate functions may have different needs than most other events. A lot of these can be wild parties that simply allow employees to blow off some steam, but others can be very subtle. If it’s a retirement party or an awards banquet, the focus is not the music, but honoring individuals. There have been some events where the only music I played was during dinner, but my main job was to provide special lightning and microphones to the presenters. If I’m not asked to do the announcements myself, I can supply a variety of microphones if needed; I have wireless and lapel mics available. Company Christmas parties, fundraisers, Air Force balls, team building seminars, award ceremonies, conferences, trade shows, store grand openings, and even 5K runs are some of the many corporate events that I have done.

Private Events


These types of events have a wide range of needs specific to the individual throwing the party. I am easy to work with and will help you accomplish your goals no matter how unusual they may be. I’ve played a neighborhood party that was throwing a farewell party for their mail carrier, a local comic con that wanted mostly video game sound bites and fantasy movie songs played, a Colombian baby’s baptism where most of the attendees spoke zero English, and even an actual funeral procession! I am very open minded and will get on board with whatever vision you may have; the weirder, or more challenging, the better!



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