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Origin story:

Growing up in the 80’s I was exposed to a wide variety of music and I loved it all. I tried my hand at almost every musical instrument but mastered none. Eventually I found an expression for my love of music through DJing. In my early twenties I discovered a new love for underground electronic dance music (EDM), or particularly house and techno music. So I went out and bought two turntables and a lot of vinyl records. I began to learn how to beat match and blend records. This was only a hobby until a friend asked me to play his wedding. Up until then I was only playing dance records in my home, but I figured I could play a variety of popular music for a wedding easily enough. I think I did okay for my first time, but I realized that I could get better at it. Over time, many events, and a lot of trial and error, I finally got the hang of it and have been playing a wide variety of parties ever since.

Three things that separate us from our competitors


I believe that learning to mix electronic dance records was the best way to begin my DJ career. When you’re playing that type of music it’s easier to mix because each track has a repeating drum pattern that you blend into an additional track. You keep that steady beat going the whole time but control the energy flow of the music; you start out slow and pace yourself, but eventually pick up the tempo until the energy peaks, and then you slowly wind it down to a smooth ending. This type of blending music also applies to any other type of event; starting out slow and smooth during cocktail and dinner hours, then gradually increasing the energy level until the dance floor is filled. Although my start playing EDM records led to playing private events, I still play my beloved dance music as a side project and have collaborated with a few other EDM DJs to start our own underground dance parties in the Montgomery area. I am, at heart, a true DJ and believe that that is what makes me so successful at what I do today.


A DJ is only as good as their equipment and must have the best tools to work with. In an ever-increasing world of technology, DJ’s must constantly keep up with it. I went from vinyl turntables, to CD turntables, to digital turntables, and am ready for whatever is next. I use the absolute best quality speakers, microphones, lights, and even cords and cables. I also always have backups set in place in case of any problems because the DJ must never let the music stop.


What sets us apart from other DJ’s is personality. You can’t be a dull or shy person when it’s your job to entertain a bunch of strangers. You must get on the mic and interact with your crowd and do whatever it takes to give everyone a good time. I’m highly energetic by nature and definitely a people person. I love hyping up the crowd and cracking jokes on the mic. Even when it’s a very small event where nobody is dancing, I will keep the music going, but walk around and interact with guests that may be sitting by themselves or just look bored. I want everyone to have a great time and I feel like that’s what my sole job as a DJ is.

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